Psycho-social Support and Counselling

• Individual/group counseling
• Trauma Counseling
• Bereavement
• Behavioral difficulties
• Relationship guidance
• Emotional support

Psychological Assessment and study tool box

• Career Counseling
• School readiness/scholastic
• Subject choices
• Psycho-education
• Remedial intervention(learning difficulties)

• Play Therapy

Employee wellness Program

• Employee Assistance Program





The center is child friendly

Damaris Psycho-social wellness is a Center that works with adults, adolescence and children. The center provides supportive counselling for individuals and groups in a safe, non judgmental and confidential environment for individuals to identify problems that they may be experiencing . Through counselling you will again gain greater level of self-awareness and insight.

Counselling also promotes empowerment, support and balance to be able to make independent decisions and choices about yourself and your life. The Center facilitates insightful spaces for professionals within organizations in a group or one-on-one basis. It offers workshops to organizations on matters pertaining to mental health. It also offers psycho-educational workshops on depression, anxiety, careers,
understanding disruptive behavior in children and suicide in schools. The counselor practices the solution focused and psycho dynamic approach to counselling, which involves exploring clients ‘difficulties in depth, in a way that has the potential to create profound and sustained change.



Damaris’s Psycho-Social Wellness Centre has identified several target market fragments that will be pursued. The largest fragment is the underprivileged schools and None-fee paying schools from grade 08 to grade 12 respectively. D.P.W.C has close relationships with most of the principals and school counselors of the nearest schools, allowing D.P.W.C to tailor the services to the specific material as well as receive referrals from said professionals.